ATR TRAINING    A Triggered Response


Thank you for your outstanding knowledge and professionalism. You are an amazing instructor. As a teacher, I go to staff development and workshops that put you to sleep or are meaningless.    You are the BOMB!   BOOM! your paragraph here.

"Good explanation of firearms usage.  Improved my aim. Taught in simple terms and demonstrated well. I enjoyed the course.  Day went by fast-you kept us well engaged"

Type your paragraph here.

"Very good class!  Fixed my stance and grip.  Sent me home with tons of knowledge.  Would recommend for anyone!"

"Instructor's patience with students created a very comfortable classroom atmosphere"


"Amazing teacher (and Assistant) and great teaching of weapons info, law, and handling of a handgun"

Read what recent ATR students are saying about their experience!

Type your paragraph here.

"Great class, very informative" 

"Very good class. Would recommend to other people" 

"Loved it! Would recommend"

"Great class!  I learned a lot."

"Great course!  Loved all of the safetyprecautions. Would definitely recommend to anyone"

"Very thorough and efficient, but still enjoyable"